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Breehorn Tweets

Breehorn 48 with pilothouse

We are going to build a Breehorn 48 with a pilothouse!!

A pilothouse offers protection during sailing and in the evening in a marina or during anchoring.


This new Breehorn 48 will be launched in Februari 2018
In the meantime we will keep You informed through the news items on this website.




New!! Breehorn 31

A new yacht with a million miles of experience

Breehorn introduces the Breehorn 31

Woudsend - January 2014
This summer, Breehorn will introduce the Koopmans designed Breehorn 31, the smallest in its range of models. The recently acquired molds of the illustrious Victoire 933 form the basis for the new model. This is excellent news for...