Breehorn 55


De Breehorn 55 is inmiddels op de kiel gezet.


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design principles

Both the Breehorn 37 and 44 are proven timeless designs. The recently developed Breehorn 48 and 53 continues in that tradition. These are yachts made for action and long sailing seasons. The lines of a Breehorn are easily recognisable: the spacious fore deck, the short superstructure aft and the well-protected cockpit stand out. Elegant and tough, a Breehorn is designed and built for sailing in all conditions. These are sturdy ships made for blue water, comfortable in all weather. It is important that you should never have to worry about the strength and the sea-worthiness of your craft.

Because of the short superstructure, the deck is open and spacious which gives your crew plenty of room to move about safely. By leaving the halyards at the mast we choose for simplicity, which guarantees reliability and safe operations. Excellent sailing performance is paramount to us. On each trip you want to get the best out of your sailing. You want your ship to react to any gust and be sensitive to proper sail trim but never at the expense of comfort.

Comfort also means speed. A high average speed increases your range, allowing a small crew easily able to handle a long day sail or a trip of multiple days.
Why is it that such a strongly built ship often out-sails so many of her lighter-weight competitors? Rather than starting with the interior design, a Breehorn has been conceptualised first and foremost with her sailing qualities in mind. We have chosen a balanced hull shape, which does not need re-trimming when under an angle. That means that you can helm your boat with little effort, and because the wetted surface is relatively small, you still get good speeds when the winds are light.

Clear interior design principles.
The interior of a Breehorn has been built for discriminating sailors. Under sail, you will find handholds just where you need them, and you will always be able to brace yourself comfortably and safely at the chart-table or in the U-formed galley. The well-proven design is hard to improve upon, being the result of many sea-miles by the designers and the builders and intensive feedback from the owners

The interior is designed with a clear distinction between a “wet” and a “dry” area. Coming down the steps, immediately at hand are the heads, the chart table and storage space for your wet gear, so the living area stays dry. The spacious cabin exudes warmth and invites you to live comfortably on board for many months.
During the building process we work with you to determine the optimum interior design and we welcome your own ideas.
At Breehorn the customer is always king.