We gaan er even tussenuit!!

Wij gaan er even tussenuit, voor een korte vakantie, vanaf vrijdag 24 december.
Op maandag 3 januari 2022 staan wij weer voor u klaar.
We wensen u hele fijne Feestdagen en een


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breehorn 48 constructions and certification

The Breehorn 48 is built in accordance with the European CE-certification scheme and designed to the requirement of the American Bureau of Shipping.
This means that high standards are set for the constructional strength of the hull and deck, bulkheads, keel and rudder and the fastening thereof, safety and stability, engine installation, gas installation and the availability of owner documentation. The 48 is built to design category A: Ocean.

Hull and deck
Both hull and deck are constructed from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). Above the waterline the hull consists of a sandwich construction with 20 mm PVC foam. A similar construction method is used for the deck. Longitudinal stringers and laminated bulkheads make for a very stiff structure.
The hull/deck joint is fully kitted with structural adhesives and finished with a teak toerail.

The keel construction consists of a polyester skin filled with 6,000 kg lead. The keel is fixed with stainless steel bolts welded to a s/s frame in the keel. The keel is then laminated to the hull.

The rudder consisting of an aluminium rudderstock with four pair of welded spokes is laminated and filled with foam. The rudderstock is supported by roller bearings in the cockpit floor and the hull. Wheel steering (diameter 1.50 m) and a custom pedestal with transmission steering system is standard. An emergency rudder can be mounted directly onto the rudder stock.