Breehorn 41, #20

We zijn inmiddels begonnen met de bouw van Breehorn 41 #20.

Deze  prachtige lichtblauwe Breehorn 41 wordt opgeleverd in het voorjaar van 2019.



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New!! Breehorn 31

A new yacht with a million miles of experience

Breehorn introduces the Breehorn 31

Woudsend - January 2014
This summer, Breehorn will introduce the Koopmans designed Breehorn 31, the smallest in its range of models. The recently acquired molds of the illustrious Victoire 933 form the basis for the new model. This is excellent news for lovers of these timelessly lined Dutch yachts.

Lars van den Berg, owner of Breehorn, commented: “When we were investigating adding a smaller model to our range, we heard that the molds of the V-933 were for sale. We always thought this yacht one of the best 31-footers on the market.  Koopmans designed the V-933 at approximately the same time as our Breehorn 37 which has similar features. Its excellent sailing qualities and overall comfort make it a logical extension of our family of cruising yachts”.

A true Breehorn
In the coming weeks Dick Koopmans and the shipyard will be working on improving and modernising the design. The hull-deck construction will be brought into line with the latest Breehorn practice and a lighter-steering balanced rudder will probably be added. The interior will be brought up to the Breehorn standard while remaining true to the original concept.

For true sailors
The target audience for the boat are small families whose home waters are the IJselmeer or Zeeland but who occasionally extend their range to include foreign coastal sailing. The Breehorn 31 will fit their objectives  perfectly, built for life on board, designed for comfort under sail and safety in strong winds.

Technical Specification
LOA: 9,65 meter
LWL: 7,60 meter
Beam: 2,95 meter
Draught: 1,80 of 1,30 meter
Displacement: 4400 kg
Ballast: 1950 kg
Sail area: 52 m2

Sailaway price: €119.500,- incl. 21% VAT